Its About Time We Close The Climax Gap 



Whether you're looking for self pleasure, a playful and perfect gift, or wanting to embracing your inner vegan, Emojibator will certainly please. Inspired by the infamous eggplant emoji and it's equally naughty cousins the fiery pepper and banana, Emojibator creates body safe vibrators that bring more fun into the bedroom and promotes healthy living with humor and high-quality devices.  

Designed with love in Philadelphia, PA, the Eggplant Emojibator launched in 2016 as the leading story on Cosmopolitan.com. Since then, Emojibator gained viral popularity with features in The New York Times, TIME, The Guardian, New York Magazine, Buzzfeed, Mashable, and more, earning over 16 million impressions.

Their company mission is simple – To empower women to close the orgasm gap. They achieve this with 10 vibration settings that always hit the spot, and endless servings of Vitamin D.






We are offering gifted product in exchange for reviews and promotion. Gift packages include The Eggplant, The Chili Pepper, The Banana and other trinkets from Emojibator.  To be considered for this perk, click the partner link below. 

Promotional Guidelines

  • We're looking for 1-2 Images featuring you with your EmojiBator Vibrators. 

  • One (1) Post to Instagram with tagging of Emojibator (@Emojibator) and RELATED hashtags


  •  One (1) Post to Twitter with tagging of EMOJIBATOR (@EMojibator) and related Hashtags

Related Hashtags:  #emojibator #girlswhovibe #gofuckyourselfliterally #orgasmgap #mayfeelsgood #masturbationmonth



  • Must be At least 18 years of age. 

  • Minimum of 10k Followers Instagram

  • Located in the United States




Below are some sample images that the client feels best reflects Emojibator.

Feel free to use for inspiration.