Do it on a bunny...

Videos above a sampling of type of content being produced


NSFW has partnered with MotorBunny on the production of their web series “Do It On a Bunny!”

We’re currently casting  five (5) models to shoot riding the MotorBunny for our next three episodes. The video will be distributed on Youtube, FaceBook and through social channels and adult sites. We’re encouraging models to share the video as well.  Our goal is to create a viral video in which models, influencers and erotic stars are challenged to “simple” tasks while riding a bunny. We’re aiming more for reactions from the experience and the humor of trying to do fun tasks on one of the markets best riding saddles.

The video will be shot in New York City. 

Models would be needed for a 4-5 hour shoot which will include hair, makeup, and styling.

Must be engaging and comfortable with partial nudity (toplessness) 

Two version will be shot for each episode. One clothed/PG and one topless/lingerie. 

Currently Casting For:

 Jenga on a Bunny - Two (2) Models go head-to-head in a heated battle of strip Jenga!  While riding the saddle, each girl will control their opponents controllers. Game ends once the tower topples over or If a model says their safe word. 

 Drawing with Bunny - One (1) Model will be provided a palette of paints and a Paint by Number poster to fill in, while donning an apron and riding the Bunny.  The shot would feature the model’s rear side and focus on what is being created on the easel.

 Giggle on a Bunny -  Inspired by popular Youtube “You Laugh , You Lose” videos, Two (2) models will attempt to make the other laugh by reading off sexy jokes. Whenever a  model laughs the intensity of the Bunny increases.  Game ends once someone reaches the top level, or if a model says their safe word.

We currently have a budget of $500 for each model and may consider additional payment based on social following.



  • Must be located in NYC or in the NYC area week of 1/23 - 1/26. Please provide us with your availability.

  • Must be above the age of 18.

  • Content will be promoted through social and with paid promotion. Your social accounts will be linked to and credited. 

  • Open to all genders.