OCT 10 - NOV 20 | Times Square, New York



Portal, from Oct 10 to Nov 20, will operate in the heart of Times Square. Each day, roughly 350,000 people will walk by the Portal container.  

The exterior of the Portal container will feature a Portal Runway showing a mix of live views of other sites around the world, live events from inside the Portal, and pre-recorded video loops.

Sponsors may support Portal through financial contributions and/or in-kind contributions. All sponsorship agreements must be finalized by August 21, 2017.



Over the course of the 6-week activation, the Portal will be open between 8 and 20 hours a day. We will connect to 4 sites per day, and connections will include:

  • Dialogues between strangers around the theme of the day (a mix of walk-ins and online reservations)
  • Curated encounters between small groups
  • Special events including meals, competitions, collaborations, and performances.


Each week will have a theme:

  • Public Space
  • Food
  • Migration and “Home”
  • Identity and Well-Being
  • Entertainment
  • Change
  • Thanks

The themes are purposefully broad, allowing for a range of activations throughout the weeks encompassing both topics such as climate change and events such as global hip-hop competitions.

portal times square



Place your logo on the front doors of our Portals, in nearby signage, on our printed material and across our online platforms.


Reserve Portal time for members of your company.


Create unexpected content and stream it live and/or record it for future use.


Our Portal Curators from around the world amplify your outreach efforts within their geographic markets and social networks, reaching mailing lists of more than 10 million users. Our press coverage has received over 1 billion impressions.


We can tap into our global network to program custom dialogues, events, and performances around the world tied to your brand.


European Parliament (6/17)

TED 2017 Vancouver (4/17)

Skoll World Forum (4/17)

Grand Park Los Angeles (4/17)

Baltimore Light City (3/17)

SXSW Festival (3/17)

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (1/17)

Mumbai Marathon (1/17)

European Parliament 2016 (12/16)

United Nations General Assembly (10/16)

Chicago Ideas Week (10/16)

U.S. Institute of Peace (10/16)

Women Moving Million (9/16)

Aspen Ideas Festival (7/16)

U.S. Congress (6/16)

Global Entrepreneurship Summit (6/16)

Sundance Film Festival 2016 (1/16)

World Humanitarian Summit 2015 (10/15)

United Nations General Assembly (10/15)